Dragon Season WTF!$%?

It’s been a minute since there was a post here. I missed posting during June. A week ago the Dragon Year nearly added the life of a Former US President. (Gov C. frmr friend). Most OTA TV Stations covered the event before the sun went down and well into Sunday. I’m currently sitting in 3rd… Continue reading Dragon Season WTF!$%?

500 Mark

Insert required colloquialism. I managed to get to this position after earning my first dominant win of the season. I’m now sitting in 7th place. In more recent news, today I came across an Native American story. I believe it’s from the Lakota Nation, titled, “The Badger and the Bear”. It might be a children’s… Continue reading 500 Mark


On a personal note, this week has always been a “special week” for me. With the drastic changes and weather events in recent years many people/fans have looked to annual events to help keep them grounded. Currently the 2024 Series between the Red Birds and the Dodgers stands at 2-1. The rest of the 2024… Continue reading FollowThrough(annu.)


Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! This weekend in the USA, news outlets confirmed that the unrest in the Middle East has impacted us greatly. In my humble opinion, I believe many of us are seeing many Enos Slaughter types before their emergency surgery. The hate speech and language being used has been… Continue reading Annuals

Loss vs Lose

Something that shocked fans of the MLB and the team from Bronx County. Aaron Judge the current Yankees Captain was ejected from a game. Yes, the beloved Aaron Judge. The zinger is the last Yankee Captain to be ejected was Donnie M! This also means that Mr. November was never ejected during has tenure as… Continue reading Loss vs Lose


This has now become one of those four letter words….

No Hope In Sight….

A musical track that I came across just happens to be one of my favorite ‘sayings’ or cliché’s. It’s been a few years since I first heard the band Paradise Lost on the number 1 college radio station in America for Hard Rock and Metal. With that being said it brings on mixed emotions. I… Continue reading No Hope In Sight….

Part Deux?

Hot Shots reference, lolz! Not even a week into the Dragon Season and there has already been a benches clearing brawl. We haven’t even concluded Women’s History Month…


Happy Women’s History Month. I say that with a somber tone. A professor of mine recently passed. Their spouse has now become a widow. It’s tough to transition from that but I’ll do what I can. This month I recently purchased a game designed by a Black Woman, “amitrippingame”. My order confirmation email arrived a… Continue reading History!

Unique Seasons

Today is the last day of Black History Month for 2024. This year was a bissextile year, meaning that it was a Leap Year! Today is February 29, 2024! I’m looking forward to reading, “The Grift”, by Clay Cane and seeing where certain events lineup with the different baseball seasons.