Dark Holidays

It’s hard not to think of the shameful acts committed by the Extremists group that caused Egypt to shut their borders. I mention Egypt because I recently learned of a revival to bring baseball back there. I knew it the day it was announced that it was going to be the largest hostage crisis the… Continue reading Dark Holidays

Change Up

The year of Rabbit is coming to close as the Dragon begins to rustle from an eternal slumber. A new flag will be unfurled to accompany it as it watches over ball players and fans of the game during the 2024 Season.

They did it!

The Rangers won their first World Series. The beat the Diamond Backs. I wish I would continue to write about Baseball and I eventually will but the turmoil taking place overseas has me feeling some kind of way. Please keep the innocents in your thoughts and prayers.

The Suspects

The Wild Card games are over and the next round of playoffs begins. A journalist pointed out that the team with the tomahawk across their chest has won their division the most in recent years. And what came to huge shocker was the team from Bronx County failed to make the postseason for the first… Continue reading The Suspects

Remember and feel

The events that occurred on 9/11/01 are etched in my brain. Please continue to keep the victims and their families in your prayers. Authorities recently notified a family they found the remains of their deceased loved one.

Somethings never change…

This particular location I know for a fact has openly committed what could be interpreted as an explicit bias towards particular skin complexions. Some may even interpret their bias actions based off of perceived ethnicity. The name has been blocked out but it has always remained an operating gas station for at least 10-15 years… Continue reading Somethings never change…

Glitch in the Matrix?

I just came across another write-up that suggests that what Enos did wasn’t intentional…. I mean come the fuck on!! I’m still amazed how someone can get their head up their own asshole…or maybe someone else’s asshole. I believe I should reference the movie human centipede…gross… In other news…Mr. Mike Trout has been activated. A… Continue reading Glitch in the Matrix?


My Fantasy MLB Team entered the break in third place. Now that the break is over there is an extended period of scoring. I’m pretty nervous. I forget to set my lineup a few times. A few more teams are playing earlier games. The folks in the big show are doing some pretty cool things… Continue reading Momentum

Happy Pride Month!

To those that take part in the festivities. I pray that all of God’s children can work our their differences so we as a people and country can really prosper.