I lost something today…

Something I can’t ever get back. The words I just typed have become a cliche.

This is where a thesaurus wound come in handy but I’m not up to it right now. What’s a few clicks to and fro…

There’s people that learn and some that don’t. There’s organizations that fail to adjust and make the correct choices.

This ballad may very well be a prayer for them or myself.

Did the wind know where the ball was going to go? The outfielder knew how to field they play. Was he in on it to?

Perhaps the battery knew which pitch to throw…Working in unison the duo may have been magicians in disguise instead of ballplayers.

And everyone person I know remembers a well done magic trick.

The market never forgot what Enos did that’s for damn sure.

I mean there are some names like Michael Jeffery that are forever cursed. According to Mr. Kramer and Mr. McDermontt Nixon wanted to speak to Janie’s brother before he met with the man from Tupelo, Ms. We all know his name so lets not go there.

The jerk wouldn’t even tell the future saint of the American Guitar that his own president wanted to meet him.

That really tells you something about decision making…

My first set of NFT’s will be a tribute to those individuals and organizations.